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Mountain Retreat

If you are thinking about a short or long trip, a cruise to sunnier climes, or just a couple of days out of town, our facility is open 365 days a year for boarding your dog at our 12-acre “Mountain Retreat” in Santa Cruz.

Obedience Training

We are dedicated to educating and training people and their dogs. We offer ongoing Obedience Classes here at our facility for anyone interested in turning their dog into a “good citizen”; weather permitting.


Von Falconer Carrera Dog Training, Inc. does very selective Breeding of German Shepherd and Dutch Shepherd Dogs. We produce dogs that are exceptional as companions and pets.

Latest Puppy Litter

On April 9th 2021 Mia gave birth to her first litter of dutch shepherd puppies. Mia’s litter are all full breed and have the sweetest temperament.

A total of 6 were born and only 4 puppies remain, until next Spring of 2022!

All dutchies have had a vet check stating they are healthy puppies for adoption.

Puppy Info
(2) Sable Females
(1) Brindle Female
(1) Sable Male 

Next litter coming Spring 2022!


On Christmas eve of 2020 Princess gave birth to 4 male german shepherd puppies. Only 2 left!

They have wonderful temperament, are very active, and curious.

If interested in having a wonderful addition to your home, please contact us.

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